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Tonbridge Escorts

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Located on the River Medway which flows 70 miles from High Weald in Sussex, through Kent to join the Thames Estuary, Tonbridge is a market town in the English county Kent, close to but not be confused with Tunbridge Wells a much larger town located just a few miles away. With a fascinating history dating back to 1087 Tonbridge is rich in heritage and culture and is home to a castle built there in the early 11th century. The castle is just one of many visitor attractions in Tonbridge. The Oast Theatre is a beautifully designed venue where locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of performances whilst the modern River Centre provides a state-of-the-art venue for exciting exhibitions and roadshows.

Tonbridge is a picturesque, pretty little town that can be enjoyed on foot with a stroll around its large country park or alongside the river embankment where lots of activity can often be found all year round.

The centre of Tonbridge is where many small shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants are located. For shoppers who are looking for a bigger experience there is always nearby Tunbridge Wells to explore. Just four miles from Tonbridge, this larger and far busier town provides excellent shopping facilities with the outstanding Royal Victoria Place shopping centre that caters for just about everything an avid shopper would want.

Accommodation is minimal in Tonbridge itself but as with the expanse of shops that can be found at nearby Tunbridge Wells, the larger town has far more choice of hotels, restaurants and shops. With an impressive rail and road transport system between the two towns getting from one to the other is easy.

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